Verbal Transcript


Adjacency pair. 







Otto: Heelllooooooo. ( yawn and greeting )

Mitchell: Hey hey.

Otto: What are you doing after school, Lismore then wharf?

Mitchell: Yeah well… I have to be home by seven and I need to go home and get togs, but could definitely work.

Otto: Yeah same, how about we rip home and then meet back by the gate at 4.10?

Mitchell: Ok… Bring your GoPro, I want to get that fade away of the pole…

Pause, both thinking.

Otto: I reckon you should try the cork, you would definitely get it.

Mitchell: Maybe maybe, has your GoPro got charge?

Otto: Yeah I think its got like 2 bars, um I’ll charge it on the way.

Mitchell: Bring money for subway…

Otto: Ohhhhhh I could really do a cookie right now ha ha.

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